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Heat transfer circuits

  • SERIOLA AB 特別適用於以下相關的工業別,加熱控制系統… 
    SERIOLA AB is suitable for heating, temperature control in all industries, and in particular for the following manufacturing processes:
  1. 蒸氣產業 Steam production
  2. 造紙業 Paper Industry
  3. 木材業 Timber Industry
  4. 紡織 Textile Industry
  5. 石油 & 天然氣 Oil & Gas


國際標準  International standards 、Thermal stability tests
  • ISO 6743-12 L-QC-300 / DIN 51522 – class Q 
  • SERIOLA  AB 成功通過下列測試(720 小時,300°C) 
    SERIOLA AB successfully passes the following thermal stability tests (720h, 300°C)
  1. GB/T 23800 2009
  2. DIN 51528
  3. ASTM D6743


乾淨、熱效率、壽命長  Extended drain intervals  、Keep-clean performance 、 Heat transport efficiency
  • 更佳的抗氧化性, 比起傳統熱媒油,有少於 15%的劣化沉積,相對更省錢
    SERIOLA AB is very resistant to oxidation and helps to reduce deposits formation. Indeed at high temperature it presents 15% less degradation when compared to classic mineral fluids. Oil service life is significantly increased, leading to costs reduction.
  • 因為高的清淨特性, 使得系統更乾淨
    SERIOLA AB maintains equipments clean thanks to its high solvency power.
  • 比起他牌旗艦級產品,在 300°C 時,有高於 15%的熱傳導效率,且減低沸 物的產生
    SERIOLA AB thermal conductivity at 300°C is 15% higher than main competitor’s flagship fluid. A high thermal conductivity helps to improve heat transport, enabling to reduce film thickness. Process efficiency is improved.

外觀 Appaerance - 目視 Visual 清澈  Limpid
密度@ 15°C Density at 15°C  ISO 12185  kg/  868
黏度@ 40 °C Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C ISO 3104 m/s  20.02
流動點 Pour point  ISO 3016  °C  -40
Cleveland 閃火點(開杯式)Flash point – Open Cup  ISO 2592 °C  200
著火點 Fire point  ISO 2529 °C  227
初沸點 Initial Boiling Point ASTM 2887  °C  342
終沸點 Final Boiling Point   ASTM 2887 °C  514
自燃點 Auto ignition temperature ASTM E659 °C  390
Conradson 殘碳量 Conradson carbon residue  ISO 6615  % 重量  NIL
最低操作溫度 Minimal operating temperature


°C  -30
油心溫度極限* Maximum bulk temperature   GB/T 23800  °C  300
油膜極限溫度* Maximum film temperature GB/T 23800  °C  320
以上特性為平均值,僅供參考。Above characteristics are mean values given as an information.
* 未與空氣接觸 
請儲存於室溫的環境/ 盡量不可暴露於溫度>35°C/未開封可保存 5 年 


  • Store the product at ambient temperature
  • Minimize the periods of exposure to temperatures above 35°C
  • Shelf life : 5 years from date of manufacture (unopened)

Thermal conductivity: 熱導係數,此數值愈高,代表效率愈佳,需求使用較少的熱 property of a material to conduct heat.
The higher thermal conductivity, the more efficient the heat transfer fluid will be. Less heat will be required.

Specific heat: 比熱,流體儲存熱的能力,將 1 公克的流體,提升 1°C 所需的能源 fluid’s ability to store the heat.
It isdefined by the required energy to raise 1°C the temperature of 1 gram of a fluid.

Vapor pressure:在一個封閉的系統中,利用流體熱力裝置加熱,因為固態或液態轉換成蒸氣所產生的壓力.在熱 媒油的操作上,此壓力愈低相對愈安全.

Enthalpy of vaporization:將一定量的物質,由液態變成汽態所需的能量(火含) pressure exerted by a vapor in thermodynamic equilibrium with its condensed phases (solid or liquid) at a given temperature in a closed system.
For a heat transfer fluid, a low vapor pressure is recommended to operate safely.

Enthalpy of vaporization : amount of energy (enthalpy) that must be added to the liquid substance, to transform a quantity of that substance into a gas.