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熱媒油管路清潔(換油前添加)Heat transfer oils circuits cleaning before drain
  • SERIOLA CLEANER 是稀釋於熱媒系統中做清潔用…
    SERIOLA CLEANER is used diluted in the fluid for circuits requiring cleaning.
  • SERIOLA CLEANER 也可當預防保養目的
    SERIOLA CLEANER can be used for cleaning operations or as a preventive means. 
  • 可添加至少 5%於熱媒系統中,於換油前在 270°C 與熱媒油一起循環操作 24~48 小 時
    For cleaning add 5 % minimum of SERIOLA CLEANER in the circuit 24 to 48 hours before oil change while maintaining the fluid circulation at the normal use temperature (approximately 270 °C).
  • 換新油前,需確認過濾器已清潔乾淨或更換,也可常態添加 1%於熱媒系統中,來保持 系統的清潔
    The circuit must be carefully emptied and the filters replaced before refilling the circuit with the new oil. When added in a proportion of 1 % on a permanent basis, the circuit is kept outstandingly clean. 


安全、熱效率 High heat transfer efficiency 、Running safety
  • SERIOLA CLEANER 具有高度清淨能力及分散性來確保熱媒系統有效的清潔且具 有高度熱穩定性
    SERIOLA CLEANER has a high detergency and dispersiveness level ensuring an efficient cleaning of the heat transfer circuit. Excellent thermal stability. 
  • SERIOLA CLEANER 可與熱媒油完全混溶,請洽技術人員說明協助
    SERIOLA CLEANER is completely miscible with all mineral-based heat transfer oils. Please contact technical support for details of use with synthetic heat transfer oils. 

密度@ 15°C Specific gravity at 15 °C  ISO 3675 kg/m3  910
黏度@ 40 °C Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C ISO 3104 m/s  24.5
黏度@ 100 °C Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C  ISO 3104 m/s  4.8
Cleveland 著火點(開杯式)Flash point - Closed Cup ISO 2592 °C  203
苯胺點 Aniline point ISO 2977 °C  58
以上特性為平均值,僅供參考。.Above characteristics are mean values given as an information. 
* 未與空氣接觸 
請儲存於室溫的環境/ 盡量不可暴露於溫度>35°C/未開封可保存 5 年 
  • Store the produc t at ambient temperature
  • Minimize the periods of exposure to temperatures above 35°C
  • Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture (unopened)